Below you find a list of my publications, as well as projects I am currently working on. My Google Scholar Page is here.


Mau, Steffen, Lux, Thomas, Westheuser, Linus (2023): Triggerpunkte. Konsens und Konflikt in der Gegenwartsgesellschaft. Berlin: Suhrkamp.

⸺ SPIEGEL best seller list; best seller FOCUS/stern/Börsenblatt
⸺ Best Non-Fiction 2023 by DIE ZEIT/Deutschlandfunk Kultur and Welt/Neue Zürcher Zeitung

⸺ Prize “Best Political Book” 2024, Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

Other Publications

Work in Progress

Moral Roots of a New Cleavage. Working and Middle Class Lives and the Transformation of Political Conflicts. Book Manuscript.

with Delia Zollinger: Cleavage Theory Meets Bourdieu: An Agenda for Studying New Cleavage Identities. Under Review.

Theorizing Cleavage Identities: The Contribution of Cultural Sociology. Under Review. Preprint: 

with Steffen Mau and Thomas Lux: Asymmetrical Cleavage Formation. Mapping the Uneven Structure of Contemporary Conflicts. Working Paper.

with Steffen Mau and Thomas Lux: The Moral Economy of Controversy. Working Paper

with Steffen Mau and Thomas Lux: Four Arenas of Inequality Conflict. Working Paper.

with Thomas Lux: Class Interest Consciousness and Political Attitudes. Work in Progress.

with Paulus Wagner and Koen Damhuis: Politicizing the Deservingness of Those Who Work. A Comparative Analysis of Parties’ Moral Repertoires. Work in Progress.